The 6 Biggest Names in Poker

Take a look at the heroes & villains of poker. These are the names on the tip of every fans tongue. It’s time for the 6 biggest names in poker.

Every sport has its own pantheon of heroes and villains: The people’s champions, such as Tyson or Beckman, can become the rallying points of a nation, symbols of hope, and symbols of pride. On the other side, the Chris Eubanks and TonyRomos provide a much need counter balance, a yin to the yang. Like our heroes, our villains also bind us together, in a loud collective boo. So without further delay, let’s take a look at the 6 biggest names in poker…

  • Annie Duke

Topping off our list is the divisive Annie Duke. Although some consider her a trailblazer for women in a sport primarily dominated by men, others will be quick to point out that duke herself is capable of some very unladylike behaviour.

Annie Duke Poker

Implicated in a massive cheating scandal by the release of the infamous UB recordings, Duke has never shied away from the shadier side of the game.And whether your verdict is cherish or perish, you can’t argue that duke isn’t an interesting figure in the poker world.

  • Daniel Negreanu

Next in is Daniel Negreanu, author of a full proof guide to becoming a professional poker player and all round industry guru. Negreanu’s charm is rooted in his professionalism, modesty and dedication, which, in a game known for attracting greedy nefarious backstabbers, are a real breath of fresh air.

Daniel Negreanu

  • Phil Ivey

Next up is Phil Ivey, who is best known for his incredible abilities at the table. In a light hearted but possibly accurate analysis of Phil’s playing style, it was posited that the three biggest factors in his game are his super computer like capacities for concentration and probability analysis, his calmness, and his apparent lack of interest in money.It is perhaps this last fact that makes him so likeable, after all in a world where everyone around you is coveting something, to not do so is pretty special; he is essentially the Frodo Baggins of poker.

  • Chris Ferguson

Personalities don’t come much bigger than Chris Ferguson.With a look that could be described as the Wild Wild West meets the Old Testament, and a penchant for theatrical displays, it’s easy to see why Ferguson is a fan favourite.

Chris Ferguson Poker

  • Erik Siedle

Erik Siedle’s path into the world of poker is so important to many fans precisely because there is almost nothing extraordinary about it. Born to an average New York family, Siedle had a passion for games of skill and chance from a young age, and, eventually, it was this passion that bought him to the pinnacle of the poker world.

It is a universal everyman story: Siedle is not some hyper macho investor on the scene to splash his cash; he most likely does not own a lion or a rare collection of samurai swords. He is a normal guy who likes poker, unlike….

Erik Siedle Poker

  • .Dan Blizerian

Whether you love or hate him, no list would be complete without Dan Blizerian,the swaggering beard clad poster boyfor the machismo poker revival.

Before Blizerian grabbed the media’s attention, poker was a guy’s sport: an excuse to have some buddies round and drink some beers. In the post Blizerian landscape Poker has become something more. It has become intoxicated by its association with the heady world of high-finance, swollen and bloated with masculinity and blinded by the dazzling lights of its new A-list enthusiasts.

Dan Blizerian Poker

Whether you long for simpler times or eagerly await the next thrilling development, in a game that has changed more in the last 5 years than any other, you can’t deny that Dan Blizerian has had a massive effect on the world of poker.

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