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Casinos are very popular in our society. What is the reason behind the popularity of these online casinos? Well that is a no-brainer! Apart from providing convenience and comfort of playing from your home, at any time you like, these casinos present some mind blowing offers, which are unheard of at offline casinos.

Online Casinos

How Are They Even Better Than Vegas Casinos?

Stay in Your Bed: Most importantly, you don’t need to travel anywhere to enjoy the games you love. All you need is a bank account, good internet connectivity and a computer. Some sites even offer you an option to play on your cell phone!

Practice Play: Playing in real casinos requires cash before you walk through the doors. You need to place your money on table before you start a game. However, online casinos, allow you to play FREE at first. They even provide options for “Practice Play” with fake credits to improve your skills at that game. However, you may not be able to enjoy full range of features in a game while on ‘Practice Play’ mode.

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Other Perks: The online casino industry is an extremely competitive, hence online casino websites are always coming up with better promotional offers such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonus, free play, loyalty bonus and jackpots! For example, larger casinos might offer you more than $500 bonus just for registering with them. A great example of this is Red Flush who have the best promotions online compared with most other casino websites.

Higher Payout: Online gambling has a significantly higher payout percentage compared to land-based casinos. This is because their overhead charges are significantly less and so they can afford to pass their savings on to their customers.

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Small Amounts: Online casinos often allow you to bet small amount of money on a game, so you don’t risk losing all your savings in one go, which is often what happens at brick and mortar ones in Las Vegas.

No Waiting: Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos do not have to deal with issues like customer crowding. This eliminates the process of waiting before your turn arrives.

Live Dealers: These days, online casinos also provide ‘Live dealer’ option, which allows you to experience aura of a real life casino.

Live Dealers

Fun must however, not be at the expense of security. Always select a licensed and reputed online casino website and make sure, you read and understand all rules and conditions such as wagering requirements as well as restrictions thoroughly. Ultimately, be careful of how much you spend and how you spend it.

On online portals, you can find all the popular casino games and probably a few you have never heard of! Be it blackjacks, poker, scratch cards, roulette, massive progressive slots, and many more varieties of games, which are unique to online casinos such as Game of Thrones slots.