Evolution of Online Gaming

What is your favourite past time while sitting free and alone. For some, it is reading, for others it is sleeping. But one hobby that is becoming favourite amongst most of the people these days is online gaming. Most of us today are equipped with computer systems, both at our homes and at workplace. Also, these games can be played on a variety of devices including computer desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. This makes the trend all the way more popular.

Another thing that is needed to play such games is a network connection. This connection has varied from modem and LAN in the past to wireless internet connections in the past. These games are gaining popularity because of many reasons. The main reason for acceptability among the users is that there is a wide variety from which the players can choose the kind of game that they wish to play. Another reason is that most of these games are free of cost for which the gamers do not have to pay anything. These games can create a life like virtual environment, gaining more users acceptance. And lastly, because these games are played over the internet, these give you a flexibility to play in both single player and multi player environment.


In 2017, the market for online gaming is expected to rise up to $35 billion from $19 billion in 2011. The maximum part of this business is owned by multiplayer virtual gaming. There are different styles of multiplayer online games available:

  • Online multiplayer role playing games- These kinds of games involve heavily designed graphics, using which different virtual environments are created to enhance user experience. The users while playing on a multiplayer domain acquire roles to be played, which are shared amongst various users in the online community. Examples include Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Online multiplayer real time strategy games- The users are made to develop and implement real time strategies based on real time situations as created in these virtual games. These strategies might involve planning an armed attack or planning a picnic with our favourite animated cartoon characters. E.g. Age of Empires.
  • Online multiplayer first person shooter- These were one of the first developed multiplayer online games in the sector. Examples include Call of duty and Halo.
  • Online multiplayer online social game- Online social games involve inviting friends and other connections using social media like facebook to play the games simultaneously and compete with their scores. These include games like Candy Crush.

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